EtQ, a leading provider of Quality, Compliance, and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) software solutions,  today announced that it has merged VERSE Solutions under the EtQ compliance umbrella of compliance management product offerings.  With the merger of VERSE Solutions, EtQ has a solution for every segment of the compliance market—enterprise, small to mid-sized business and freemium.  VERSE Solutions currently serves four compliance verticals: General Quality, FDA GxP, Food & Beverage and EHS.

The need for VERSE started on the premise that compliance management software should be accessible to everyone regardless of size and scope. VERSE was designed with the needs of the small to mid-sized business in mind and is a SaaS solution that is not only as dynamic as traditional enterprise systems, but is also flexible and cost-effective.  VERSE is backed by EtQ’s 20+ years in delivering Quality, Compliance, and EHS software solutions.

The merger of VERSE into EtQ’s product offering comes along with the recent announcement of the release of EtQ’s traqpath TM product, which provides a free,  SaaS-based, CAPA and event management application for Web and mobile that enables users to conduct simple compliance tracking and reporting activities.

“We recognized the need for developing solutions for every market segment around our RelianceTM enterprise solution,” stated Glenn McCarty, chief executive officer of EtQ. “That vision began to materialize with VERSE—our product for small to mid-sized companies.  To date, we've created a mid-market solution that is thriving, and is proving that the need is real.  VERSE joins EtQ’s product lineup alongside its enterprise brand, Reliance, and its free application, traqpath. This means that regardless of size, scope, or investment, EtQ truly has a solution for every company in the world.  EtQ has a lot of exciting updates coming in the future and we look forward to sharing these developments—traqpath and VERSE are only the beginning of EtQ’s cloud vision where there is an interconnected compliance community for all.”

Most importantly, the VERSE Solutions product sits upon the same flexible platform as the Reliance and traqpath product, providing multiple product experiences, driven by the same underlying technology. The result is a set of solutions for all market types residing on a common, proven and strong compliance platform technology.

 “EtQ’s compliance platform technology that exists today and has the proven ability to scale across different market segments and compliance verticals makes EtQ the clear leader in compliance platform technology,” stated McCarty. “It also (and maybe more importantly) makes EtQ the safest choice since we are far along in executing on our ability to access the total available market for compliance solutions projected at well over $20 billion.  We have the platform for today and the vision for tomorrow.”

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Quality, EHS and GMP Compliance Management software is becoming a growing requirement in businesses today. With the speed of the market ever-increasing, companies need solutions that will allow them to manage and track Quality, EHS and GMP Compliance processes, while automating these processes efficiently. VERSE was developed to enable organizations to gain these valuable tools in a cost-effective manner. VERSE has all the key processes such as Document Control, Corrective Action, Audits, Complaint Handling, Incidents and Training in a dedicated cloud environment. This means you have an enterprise Compliance Management System in your own personal cloud. For more information, visit us at or

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EtQ is the leading Quality, Compliance, and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) software provider for identifying, mitigating and preventing high-risk events through integration, automation and collaboration. Founded in 1992, EtQ has always had a unique knowledge of Quality, EHS and Operational Risk and Compliance processes, and strives to make overall quality operations and management systems better for businesses. EtQ is headquartered in Farmingdale, NY, with main offices located in the U.S. and Europe. EtQ has been providing software solutions to a variety of markets for more than 20 years. To learn more about EtQ, visit or