Gastec Detector Tube SystemNextteq’s complete line of Gastec pumps and detector tubes precisely measure gases and vapors in over 600 applications, making it an invaluable tool for gas detection and measurement as well as detecting leaks and fugitive emissions. 

Gastec’s pump is easy-to-use, lightweight and rugged.It s one-stroke piston action provides reliable operation with no partial samples. Nextteq’s Thermal Ring provides on-the-spot measurement of ambient temperature for tests that require temperature correction.

Measurement is fast, convenient, and accurate.The direct-read length of stain tubes offer distinct lines of demarcation for easier viewing. Gastec Detector Tubes are intrinsically safe and always ready to use anytime, anywhere.

With Gastec, you can rapidly measure many substances that can’t be measured with electronic gas detection devices, and no other detector tube manufacturer can measure more substances than Gastec.

To review chemicals and measuring ranges of the Gastec Detector Tube System download a copy of the Gastec Tube Guide from our website at in the Featured Products section on our home page.

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