Thermal Star heat stresss productsElectric Fan Engineering has released its patent pending THERMAL STAR® BODY COOLING SYSTEM that will provide stimulating cooling relief for people that are exposed to high environmental temperatures. It will help maintain a person’s body temperature at a safe level increasing alertness, performance and concentration while reducing  health and safety concerns  over heat stress and fatigue.

The portable compact THERMAL STAR® BODY COOLING SYSTEM contains a belt mounted battery operated fan apparatus that discharges air directly against the body through waist mounted nozzles or spiral air distribution tubes placed about the chest, head or neck. As the air passes over the body it creates a cooling effect by evaporating the body’s moisture from perspiration.

Unlike other assemblies the lightweight (under 2 lbs) Thermal Star® system will provide superior cooling and mobility since it  does not require any garments or vests to hold it in place. Another unique feature is that it can operate over or under clothing making it suitable for PPE applications.

Military-proven, the first system was developed to keep Army Tank personnel cool in desert conditions where inside vehicle temperatures could reach 160 degrees F. Today, the THERMAL STAR® BODY COOLING SYSTEM is the first product of its kind that now can help many industries reduce health, safety and life threatening concerns over heat stress. Assemblies can be used by the military, construction workers, welders, hazmat personnel, first responders, firefighters, industrial workers etc.

The THERMAL STAR® BODY COOLING SYSTEM can be used as an eco-friendly substitute for  costly  conventional cooling systems, such as air conditioning. From an economic standpoint, it will help companies increase profitability by reducing costs associate with heat related illnesses.

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SINCE 1978, as a worldwide leader in cooling technology, EFE has research, developed and patented many thermal management components.

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