CEA InstrumentsThe new SB1000 and SB2000 are low cost, self-contained portable and wall mounted analyzers that utilize single beam infrared technology for a wide range of gases, ranges, and applications. Full-scale measurement ranges are typically available from 0-1% up to 0-100% volume. One optional internal electrochemical sensor for Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide, or another toxic gas in PPM levels can also be installed making any unit a dual gas analyzer. The resolution and accuracy is about 1% resolution of full scale for any of the sensors.

The single beam infrared technology gives high selectivity and excellent sensitivity and repeatability - versatility unmatched by other units. On-board electronics handle most of the work, leaving final calibration and display options open for ease of integration. For operation, the units requires a modest flow (dependant on cell size and required response time) of dust-free, dry sample gas.

The SB1000 and SB2000 each offers a built-in sample pump, digital display, outputs, and alarms. The portable SB1000 comes with a power cable, rechargeable batteries, and can remain AC powered continuously. The wall mounted SB2000 units are available either as a panel-mounted version or in a splash proof box and require either AC or 24 VDC power.

CEA Instruments has many other gas monitors and sensors available that offer additional capabilities if more is required than these units can provide. This includes multi-channel infrared analyzers all in one enclosure, low PPM detection of infrared gases, and/or 0.1% resolution of full scale.

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