Today SMG announces that Brandon Hagen has been named Vice President of Distributor Relations and Education. As the VP of Distributor Relations and Education, Brandon will be responsible for helping manage the current 3E (Educate, Equip, and Empower) Program and also be training SMG Distributors in the future in regards to Solution Based Selling and a new certification program (yet to be named). In addition to these responsibilities he will also be focused on a Distributor-Supplier conversion campaign to help convert more business to SMG Preferred Suppliers.

Brandon Hagen began his career as the National Accounts Manager for EMIT Technologies, a manufacturer of emissions control equipment for industrial engines. After leading EMIT’s sales growth, he was recruited by Texas A&M University’s Industrial Distribution Program to become a Lecturer & Professional Development Instructor. Brandon attained a Masters in Industrial Distribution (MID) and during his time at Texas A&M he created and founded “The Lead Generation Game Program” a first of its kind cutting edge sales training program for undergraduate students. The training program is scheduled to be featured in articles and is in the process of being emulated at other universities.

“In the past SMG has worked a top down approach to its membership. With Brandon’s expertise, and fresh approach, the goal will be to growing our ability to engage all levels with increased effectiveness. We are confident that Brandon will be able to establish relationships with the SMG Distributor Members and their sales forces to continue to drive SMG’s message and value proposition.” Jennifer Hogeland, Operations Manager.

Mike Smeaton, President of SMG says, “I am very excited about the future of SMG and the future of Brandon Hagen. It has been a long time that I have met a young articulate man that has the drive and passion that Brandon possesses. Our SMG Distributor Members and Preferred Suppliers will find Brandon to be a very useful resource and will help us grow our business.”

Brandon can be reached at or 214.578.2867.