The ASSE Safety 2016 Professional Development Conference & Exposition is for OSH professionals who want to achieve exceptional safety results. Hear from distinguished speakers and engage in strategic sessions covering emerging topics and trends. Make connections with more than 4,000 peers and gain actionable insight from proven leaders.


David Michaels

The Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health (invited) will discuss his insight on the key issues affecting safety and health professionals from OSHA's perspective.

Frans Johansson

The Click Moment: Seizing Opportunity in an Unpredictable World

According to Frans Johansson, look for "Click Moments"-rare opportunities, often serendipitous, to change course. This morning's speaker will discuss how to spot "Click Moments" and increase their occurrence in our lives, how to place lots of high-potential bets, and how to harness the complex forces that follow into a winning strategy.

Dan Gardner

From Forecasting to Superforecasting

In this provocative presentation, based on his New York Times bestseller, Dan Gardner explores the style of thinking most likely to deliver accurate forecasts. With effort and practice, we can all become better forecasters. Some of us may even become superforecasters.

Walter Bond

NO ONE Can Stop You but YOU!

Learn the tools to look within and begin the execution process today. This requires thinking differently, executing daily, and dominating right where you are.

Drew Dudley

Creating Cultures of Leadership and the Power of "Lollipop Moments"

Hear practical insights on how successful leaders create cultures of leadership in their own lives and within their organizations. This presentation will make you laugh, think and reconsider the way you evaluate leadership in your life and workplace.

Transition from business as usual by attending Safety 2016!

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What: Safety 2016

Where: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

When: June 26-29


Contact: ASSE +1.847.699.2929

On the Expo floor


Sunday, June 26 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Monday, June 27 9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Tuesday, June 28 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

• Connect with 600 exhibitors demonstrating their products and services. Check out “Flash Sessions” – short burst of information conveying key information while you visit the exhibits.

• “Super Sessions” will occur each morning of the expo, where some of the most popular sessions will be deliver to attendees right on the expo floor.

• “Hands-on Demonstrations” are interactive exhibitor demos that allow attendees to experience and witness best practices relating to important safety issues.

• Visit the Virtual Expo in advance to research exhibitors,
search by name, product category or country. You can request meeting times with vendors. Visit to view the ASSE Virtual Expo.

• Use the Safety 2016 mobile app that lists exhibiting companies. You can search for the vendors you want to visit.

Sample of sessions

Monday, June 26

502 Life Cycle of a Safety Career - A Modern Path

512 GHS: OSHA's Final Deadline - Last Call for Employer Compliance

516 Disney's Journey of Using 5S to Enhance Culture 

518 Safety Excellence: The Big 5 at L'Oreal

531 Business Lesson: Keeping SH&E in the Boardroom

543 Revolutionizing Risk Assessments - Oh My, Oh My, Bowties!

550 ISO/ANSI/ASSE 45001 Forum - Significant and Future Impact on Safety

551 Top 10 Misuses of Fall Protection Equipment and What to Do About Them

595 Arc Flash PPE - What's Really Behind Arc Ratings


Tuesday, June 27

602 Selling Safety to the Front Line Employee

603 ANSI/ASSE A10 Construction Standards - Significant Standards Pending

611 OSHA's Initiative to Protect Temporary Workers

621 Safety Training Activities for OSHA's Top Ten

630 Managing Up Through the Use of Influence and Collaboration

637 The Tony Crow Story - Safety 24/7 - At Work, Home & Play - It's Not Just About Me

651 Developing a World Class Electrical Safety Program by Schneider Electric, NFPA70e

653 Rock Your EHS Training with ASSE/ANSI Z490 Standard on EHS Training!


Wednesday, June 28

704 Fine Focus on Chemical Hygiene in Your HAZCOM Program

708 Safety Beyond PPE

712 Employment Law Faux Pas and Pitfalls the Safety Professional Must Avoid

730 The Wife Left Behind: The Making of a Safety Professional

738 Longitudinal Study of OSHA IMIS Database on Crystalline Silica Dust Exposures

743 Occupational Dog Bite Prevention