Ergodyne hydration packsErgodyne has announced today strategic updates to the hydration packs in its Chill-Its® Cooling Line. Each model now features a redesigned DualCap bladder opening, and premium models 5156 and 5157 are now only available in a larger 3-liter bladder.

“Lugging water around all day, while important, can be productivity-prohibiting,” said Alsie Nelson, associate product manager, Ergodyne. “Our hands-free hydration solutions address that challenge and now have been updated with improved functionality as well as a variety of bladder sizes to choose from – 1L, 2L, and 3L – to address each worker’s unique hydration needs.”

The bigger bladder minimizes the need for frequent fill-ups during shifts and provides those away from a communal water source more hydration for longer. New DualCap bladder openings make it easy to fill the packs, coming standard with a large 80mm opening for ice and a smaller 60mm opening option with 360 degree handle for filling with water at a facet, hose or water spout. Designed with safety in mind, all Chill-Its® Hydration Packs are made with a durable, water-resistant rip-stop polyester shell, adjustable breakaway shoulder straps and a chest strap for added safety and comfort. All models are also available in a hi-vis option, improving worker visibility with reflective accents and multiple color options.

The following low-profile and premium hydration pack models are included in this update:

Chill-Its® 5155/5155HV Low-Profile Hydration Pack

Chill-Its® 5156 Premium Low-Profile Hydration Pack

Chill-Its® 5157 Premium Cargo Hydration Pack

Workers can drink using the anti-microbial bite valve or the handy hydration pack pressure pump. The 5158 Hydration Pack Pressure Pump turns any pack into a multi-functional product, allowing the user to drink, clean hands or equipment and even activate evaporative cooling products. Made of FDA-approved food grade silicone, the pump’s safe seal valve eliminates drips and the elastic strap secures it to the hand.

Ideal for anyone needing hands-free hydration and a little mist to cool off, updated Chill-Its® Hydration Packs and Accessories are available May 1st at all authorized Ergodyne distributors and on our website. For more information on where to buy, visit, or call 800-225-8238 // (651) 642-9889.

Key Features

  • Ergodyne Updates Hydration Pack Series to Hold More and Fill Easier DualCap opening
  • Capacity: 3L (3000mL) (5156 and 5157)
  • Vented shoulder straps and back for maximum breathability (5156)
  • 8mm EVA foam padding on shoulder straps for added comfort (5156)
  • One zippered compartment, multiple D-rings and nylon daisy chain webbing for gear storage (5156)
  • Reflective accents for higher visibility (5156)
  • Five zippered compartments, multiple d-rings and nylon daisy chain webbing for gear storage (5157)
  • Hydration Pack Pressure Pump
  • FDA-approved food grade silicone body
  • Elastic strap for secure grip
  • Valve cover keeps debris off valve
  • Self-seal valve eliminates drips

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