TRA is pleased to announce the release of Version 5.7 of its IndustrySafe Safety Management Software. IndustrySafe Software provides organizations with web-based safety data management tools, including key safety performance metrics, incident and OSHA recordkeeping, inspections, training tracking, hazards, behavioral based safety, and more.

Release 5.7 contains enhancements to IndustrySafe’s public web forms, which allow stakeholders to report incidents, observations, and hazards via a simple web link. No login, username or password is required to use these forms. When a public form has been completed, all data is automatically transferred to the IndustrySafe Software for more detailed follow up, analysis, and analytics by key team members, including environmental, health, and safety professionals.

IndustrySafe’s Public Web Forms are broken into manageable sections and stakeholders cannot move on to the next section of the public form until all required fields in a section are complete. Previously, stakeholders could not return to previous sections to edit their responses. However, the 5.7 update allows stakeholders to easily navigate back to previous sections.

The public web form improvements featured in this release also include updates to the Incident Public Web Form. After creating an Initial Incident form, stakeholders are now taken to a new landing page where they can choose to edit or print their initial incident form, add attachments, or complete additional forms, such as the Incident Investigation form, or the new Environmental Incident Public Web Form.

In addition to rolling out these public web form enhancements, the 5.7 release also grants IndustrySafe system administrators the ability to configure incident recording forms to an even greater degree using IndustrySafe’s new Form Editor tool.

“IndustrySafe continues to focus on improving our customers’ end user experiences,” states Gabe Tompkins, IndustrySafe Product Manager. “With the Form Editor, fields and sections on incident forms can now be re-ordered simply by dragging and dropping. Tooltips can also be added to any field, which can contain instructions or hyperlinks to help explain fields to end users, ensuring that they have the information they need to create and submit detailed incident reports,” he adds.

The Form Editor allows system administrators to rename, remove, or create new fields and sections on all incident recording forms. Fields can also be laid out in two columns, which can help reduce the length of incident forms.

“Our incident software is an extremely powerful and popular tool that our clients utilize to manage their injuries and incidents and to improve safety,” states Clare Epstein, IndustrySafe Vice President. “We believe that the Form Editor will greatly improve the ability of our customers to configure IndustrySafe’s incident recording forms to meet their business needs, allowing them to better manage complex incidents throughout their organizations,” she continues.

As part of the 5.7 release, IndustrySafe’s Report Scheduler has also been added to the Inspections Log, Inspections Details Log, Hazards Log, Corrective Actions Log, Required Training Log, and Data Import Log reports. Using the Report Scheduler, administrators can set an exact date and time at which a report will be run and emailed out to key team members as a PDF attachment. Administrators can choose to rerun and send out the report on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Over time, the Report Scheduler will be available in more IndustrySafe log reports.

About IndustrySafe

IndustrySafe Safety Software is a web-based safety data management product developed by TRA so that organizations can track incidents, corrective actions, OSHA reporting, training, claims, inspections, hazards, behavioral based safety, and more. IndustrySafe clients include leaders in manufacturing, construction, government, and transportation.

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