An OSHA investigation launched at a Georgia furniture manufacturing facility after a worker lost part of a finger to a table saw revealed that his employer, Tritter Feefer Home Collection LLC, had removed the safety guards from the saw.

The 26-year -old furniture builder was using the saw on Dec. 14, 2015 to cut wood strips, when his right hand made contact with the saw blade. The tip of his middle finger was amputated and he suffered deep cuts to his index finger and thumb.

"This horrific and totally preventable injury is a stark reminder of the dangers of disregarding OSHA standards," said Christi Griffin, OSHA's director of the Atlanta-West Office. "Aside from the saw that injured the worker, we found other unguarded machines and hazards that Tritter must address immediately, before another incident happens."

The company was cited for willfully exposing workers to an unguarded saw blade, failing to ensure that drill presses were properly guarded and secured to the floor and for exposing workers to electric shock and fire hazards from improper wiring and unsafe installation.

Proposed penalties: $58,520

OSHA has established a National Emphasis Program on Amputations* to identify and reduce workplace amputation hazards.