EtiflexEtiflex Corp, a manufacturer of industrial labels and inspection tags, recently received its second patent in relation to its molded tags. Etiflex already holds a patent for its unique RFID tags and its newest patent for their innovative line of Data Matrix tags is based on the unique three dimensional construction:  resulting in tags that are extremely durable. This makes them ideal for outdoor and harsh environments. The new tags allow the user to record information on the tag even while it is installed so that it can be used to permanently display and record inspections over a multi-year period. They can also be configured for product identification, serial numbers, maintenance  schedules, and any specific data that needs to be recorded. The 3-D construction and UV resistant formulation is designed to last in abrasive environments like construction equipment, marine use, utility companies and lifting slings. The two patents can be combined to make the tag RFID enabled which allows the tag to electronically record the information utilizing RFID software, while also visually displaying the information so that anyone can also see and record information as well. With over Ten Million labels produced, and twenty-five years of manufacturing experience, Etiflex Corp has proven track record of innovation, and making what industries require for identification and recording. More information can be seen at