The Republican National Convention in Cleveland is buzzing with activity, both inside and outside Quicken Loans Arena. There’s one thing that shouldn’t be buzzing around, however – drones.

Cleveland and its surrounding communities are a “No Drone Zone” under flight restrictions the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has put in place from now through 3 a.m. on July 22. The prohibited area is a circle of airspace 30 nautical miles in radius around the Quicken Loans Arena.

Flying a drone anywhere in the prohibited area during the Republican Convention is against the law. Violating the airspace may result in criminal or civil charges. The restriction applies to all unmanned aircraft, including radio-controlled model aircraft.

The FAA has posted a No Drone Zone video for the convention.

In addition to the drone restrictions, there are also airspace restrictions for traditional manned aircraft during the convention within the 30 nautical mile radius ring and within two even more restricted rings of airspace within a three-mile radius and a 10-mile radius of the arena. Gateway airport procedures will be in effect for general aviation aircraft flying into and out of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and Burke Lakefront Airport. Pilots can view the temporary flight restrictions on the FAA website.

Similar restrictions will be in place for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week.