Two employees of a company that sells and installs fire extinguishers were injured severely on Feb. 12, 2016, when a compressed gas cylinder designed for a fire-suppression system exploded while they were attempting to fill it with compressed air from a high-pressure source.

Inspectors from OSHA’s Albany Area Office found the air device's pressure exceeded the cylinder's listed pressure limit. They also found the Oprandy's Fire & Safety Equipment in Middletown, New York failed to train the employees on the procedures needed to fill the cylinder properly.

Additional hazards involved the company failing to:

  • Equip the tank and valve assembly with a pressure relief device.
  • Assess the workplace for hazards requiring the use of personal protective equipment.
  • Require personnel to use personal protective eyewear and footwear.
  • Stack and secure fire extinguishers and compressed gas cylinders properly.
  • Develop, implement and/or maintain a written chemical hazard communication program and provide employees with training on hazardous chemicals.

As a result of these conditions, OSHA cited the company for seven serious violations of workplace safety standards.

Proposed penalties: $19,774.