ISOtunes are the world’s first proven noise-isolating Bluetooth earbuds, and the first product in a series of revolutionary hearing protection headphones to be introduced by Haven Technologies.

Haven Technologies has developed its products working exclusively with leading global partners in Bluetooth® technology and eartip performance. The company tests its products against the toughest workplace standards available (NIOSH/OSHA) to attain certification of proven noise isolation. And the results are fantastic: ISOtunes is so good at blocking outside noise it can be used in the workplace instead of earplugs.

Haven Technologies is a new company to the industry and it manufactures and markets electronic products that enhance personal safety and day-to-day living. On August 31, the company launched its first product, ISOtunes Bluetooth-enabled hearing protection.

Eric Murphy, Marketing Manager, said “ISOtunes are made specifically for you to enjoy your music in loud environments. If you are cutting grass or using power tools, if you are a woodworker or manufacturer, if you do lots of air travel or commute via buses or trains, if you find the gym loud & distracting, if you do light duty assembly line work, or if you just want to block outside noise better, then ISOtunes was built for you.”

For ISOtunes, a Noise Reduction Rating of 26 decibels is more than just a stamp of approval for use in industrial environments, it's the company’s promise to consumers that they won't get a better noise isolating experience from any other Bluetooth headphones.

And proven noise isolation doesn’t end with the earbuds. A built-in noise cancelling microphone blocks out solid state noise like lawn mowers and jet engines, allowing users to talk on the phone in many loud environments without interruption.

Brought together with excellent features like superior sound quality, magnetic earbud controls and IPX3 water resistance, ISOtunes is a truly revolutionary product in the headphone market that sets a new standard for noise isolating earbuds.

ISOtunes can be found on the company’s website,, and on Amazon.