Protective headsets, safety goggles for rainy days and industry-specific fall protection were among the top occupational safety and health products featured on this week.

New Brass Knuckle® Orange Crush safety goggles channel water away

Groove-and-gasket combo keeps vision clear for safe, efficient work in wet conditions

When rain or sweat is pouring down, don’t live with it—channel it! Introducing new Brass Knuckle® Orange Crush eye protection.


SKYLOTEC Ignite Proton Wind harness

Wind energy harness

SKYLOTEC introduces the IGNITE PROTON WIND harness specifically designed for wind energy workers. With back pad wear plate and frontal attachment point, the PROTON WIND is the evolution of our popular ARG 51 to a higher level.


3M™ Personal Safety Division launches new PELTOR™ headsets

New set of PELTOR headsets offer industry-specific protection to meet the needs of workers, law enforcement, shooting sports enthusiasts and more

Workers that need to wear hearing protection on the job often have diverse safety and usability concerns. In law enforcement, it’s very important that hearing protection cut out unsafe noise levels, but allow the wearer to hear important warning sounds such as alarms or signals.