Running and gunning are exciting, catching Pokémon’s is fun. But sometimes we just want to take fragrant tobacco pipe, and play a detective game. Solving mysteries might not make adrenalin start flowing the same way as while being drawing enemy’s torpedo bombers online, but it can provide an intriguing mystery and prove to be a real brain teaser. Why do people like mystery adventures? Why do they want to step outside their comfort zone and start solving some crimes?

Why do people like detectives?

Detective gives food for thought. It can be compared with crossword solving, riddles, or quests, but much more interesting. One can argue about hero’s motives, imagining what to do in their place, to analyze the situation from different angles.

Detective switches attention, calms and entertains. Against the background of cleverly thought-out murder or police chase altercation with boss seem to be nonsense. Exciting start of intrigue – and person is completely overwhelmed by the world of detective. What's next? Is devil dog a ghost, or a fiction, or a real resident of peat bogs?”

Detective develops imagination, observation, intuition and deduction. The genre first asks a riddle. We want to figure out how to solve the problem – we are looking for solutions together with Chase, King Conan Doyle. However, everything ends not as expected. We like this mixture of logic and psychology, mystery and crime. It is a challenge to ourselves.

There are a lot of interesting facts in detectives. Through literary works and detective games it is possible to study history, law, culture.

The truth usually wins in detective, the verity becomes clear, justice catches up an offender. People tend to be on the side of justice, and of course, it's pleasant to be involved in the triumph of righteousness and truth.

Detective gives an example to follow. We want to be like clever investigator, shrewd detective with a cigar. It's nice if not in life, then at least virtually to feel like a hero, to find the guilty, to control a situation.

Intrigue and mystery attract people. Gripping story with unknown facts relieves brain and helps to escape for a while, to forget troubles. The rule People need bread and circuses is still relevant.

How can detective chips be used for the benefit of business?

We continue to argue that personal experience is path to memorization and empathy. And empathy in turn – is path to understanding and support. We found a way to take all the positive characteristics of detective game into industrial and information security learning. In the core of this product is our basic principle, tested numerously through all the existence of all game-like simulations: living through own in-game experience one remembers 80 percent more information, than reading or seeing advert.

“Detective” style investigation of causes of events – is almost 100 percent guaranty that they will be understood. Working routine processes and tedious documents can be «camouflaged» with game-like environment to gain empathy and immersion of those grown up with games. So, make learning interesting and effective. Writers (just like detective authors) can create intrigue for a worker, to involve an employee in process. He will not even notice the learning process. Because now he is a detective investigating a serious breach.

Like fabulous lieutenant Colombo, a worker must talk to virtual witnesses and responsible managers in simulation, sort out lies and facts, search into equipment maintenance, etc. And in the end to finger point the real cause of the event – and the system either confirms, or sends back to re-do the work.

Make employees investigate -- and take useful data

By creating an investigation, company can literally put workers into the shoes of anybody: safety engineer, CEO, detective, Head of information security. By trying to investigate an accident, people will feel what you feel, understand the upper level of causes of incident and the core causes of incident. And they will never be the same in some way...

Industrial safety and corporate security “detective style” investigation is suitable for compliance management as well. By the way, simulation is good tool to gather any kind of statistics. While employees use simulations, you can record all their moves and then put it into any kind of analytical data. It can be general spreadsheets on overall personnel behavior, or personal scenario pathways – whatever.