FallTech®, an innovator in fall protection products, announces an update to the Contractor+ family of harnesses. “The updates to the Contractor+ are a result from the feedback we captured from users of the prior version of the Contractor harness”, said Shatiana Griffin, Marketing Specialist for FallTech.   

The Contractor+ family of harnesses now offers a more supportive, secure and sturdy fit while adding functional elements for all day comfort to meet the demanding needs of workers.    

Upgrades to the Contractor+ family of full body harnesses include;

  • New chest slides with integrated lanyard keepers provide a lower profile and easier attachment points for lanyard connectors.
  • A stiffer waist belt improves longevity.
  • The waist pad now include belt loops and is sewn into the torso straps keeping the waist pad from slipping.  
  • An improved, stiffer waist pad that supports heavy tool bag loads.
  • Increased padding offers superior internal reinforcement to allow better D-ring positioning combined with improved comfort and usability.
  • Along with the improvements, the Contractor+ still offers the features this family of harnesses has been known for; including:
  • Breathable padded air mesh Shoulder Yoke with non-slip Dorsal D-ring Adjustment.
  • Paired single loop dual-fastening lanyard keepers.
  • Low-profile spring-tension torso adjusters.
  • 5.5” torso-sewn waist support positioning pad for Construction Belted harnesses.
  • Mating buckle chest closure with either mating buckle or tongue buckle leg closure options.
  • Available in standard non-belted and construction belted models.

The design of the updated Contractor+ family of harnesses provides an affordable harness with the durability required for day-to-day use with exceptional fall protection qualities and complies with all applicable ANSI and OSHA standards.   

For more information on the FallTech Contractor+ family of harnesses, go to www.FallTech.com; contact FallTech at 800.719.4619 or contact your nearest FallTech distributor. 

About FallTech

FallTech is a leading manufacturer of fall protection products built for all industries where workers are exposed to falls from elevation. Headquartered in Compton, CA FallTech has its own internal testing lab that has met the stringent requirements of the IAS Accreditation Criteria for Testing Laboratories (AC89) and has demonstrated compliance with ISO/IEC Standard 17025:2005. FallTech is marketed globally and staffed with engineers, product developers and experts dedicated solely to the design, testing and manufacturing of fall protection products. For over twenty years, FallTech has been outfitting people when they are exposed to fall hazards at work and tackling fall protection problems the way they happen in real life… one worker at a time. For more information, visit FallTech.com or call 800-719-4619.