The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) supplies electricity for people throughout the Tennessee Valley through many plants. It's a process requiring many safety precautions and much training.

"We have to have response teams in our plants to take care of events before they get bad. If we can catch a fire when it's still in the trash can, it hasn't caused the plant to trip. So you know no one is losing electrical power and if we catch them quickly we can protect the employee," Phillip Johnson of TVA Emergency Response Training told a local TV station.

The training center houses a variety of fire scenarios that you can encounter at any TVA facility.

"We have different burn rooms in the building. A class B fire, like a combustible or flammable liquid, that's in the building. A mock up of a 480 volt board where they can practice the techniques of putting that type of fire out," said Johnson.

Hundreds of employees from plants like Wheeler Dam, Buck's Pocket and Brown's Ferry Nuclear Plant come to this facility to train for a week.

"We want to make sure we're able to operate our plants safely. Also, your neighbors are working at our plants, and I think it's important that they understand that we do care about workers' safety," said Johnson

After a week of training, the teams are brought back every year to help refresh their skills