FLAMEVision FV-40 flame detectors are a comprehensive line of rugged flame detection solutions designed to respond quickly and accurately in a wide range of challenging applications and harsh environments. Available detector options include Single IR, Triple IR (IR3), Multi IR, UV, UV/IR (2.5μm), UV/IR (4.5μm) and Ultra-Fast UV/IR.

All devices feature heated sensor windows to eliminate condensation and icing in extreme conditions,  sensitivity selection and multiple regulatory approvals. Communication options, including 0-20mA, HART® Protocols, RS-485, and MODBUS®.

FV-40 flame detectors showcase a long-life and high-reliability features.

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Tyco Gas & Flame Detection is comprised of former IST companies, Detcon, Oldham, Gas Measurement Instruments (GMI) and Simtronics, along with the gas and flame business of Scott Safety. The five legacy companies have come together to form one unified company with a unified vision for providing end-to-end solutions and the most comprehensive portfolio of gas and flame detection products in the many industries it serves. For more information visit www.TycoGFD.com