Dakota Software, a leading provider of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) management software, recently introduced an interactive Home Screen feature that allows users of the ProActivity Suite to easily organize and access Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This innovative new feature, which leverages ProActivity’s flexible reporting capabilities and recently redesigned graphical user interface, provides a direct path into interactive dashboards and sortable data tables from any of the EHS management applications.

The power of the Home Screen lies in the ability for individual users, no matter their role or responsibilities, to configure his or her views with information most important to them. This means that users can simply ‘favorite’ a dashboard pod to display it on their Home Screen, providing them with the ability to compare data and identify emerging trends across facilities, divisions, or the entire organization.

EHS professionals are continually juggling responsibilities,” said Reg Shiverick, President of Dakota Software. “This has led to demand for software solutions that assist with all aspects of EHS performance. As our product offering has expanded, so too has the need for improved visibility. The new Home Screen feature provides our clients with these critical insights in one centralized location.”

While interactive dashboards and filters have always been core to the ProActivity Suite, the new Home Screen allows users to consolidate these elements. Results from a beta test found that 95% of users said the Home Screen “greatly improved” access and visibility into KPIs. Based on feedback from this steering committee, Dakota is extending the Home Screen feature to its mobile product suite, MobileWorkflows, which allows users to perform EHS-related tasks such as auditing, incident reporting, and task management, from mobile devices in the field, with or without an internet connection.

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About Dakota Software

Dakota Software’s solutions are used by EHS professionals across the globe to proactively ensure compliance and improve overall EHS performance. Its ProActivity Suite is the first and only software solution to include an integrated library of translated regulatory content designed to support EHS compliance. It allows organizations to easily determine which regulations apply to their facilities, notifies them of relevant changes, and provides users with guidance on complex subject matter to help eliminate uncertainty and move beyond compliance to social responsibility. For more information on Dakota Software’s EHS Management solutions, please visit www.dakotasoft.com.