A new behavior-based safety guidebook published by the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is now available on the Society’s website. Actively Caring for People's Safety: How to Cultivate a Brother's/Sister's Keeper Work Culture features lessons on the fundamental principles for cultivating an actively caring culture in any organization. Find the book by clicking here.

The authors ask readers to imagine a work environment in which everyone actively cares for each other's safety and well-being on a routine basis. Employees at all levels give their coworkers daily supportive feedback on safety-related behavior that prevents injuries. And whenever risky behavior is observed, corrective feedback is provided with empathy, accepted with humility, and applied promptly to effectively change the behavior to a safe alternative. This is the vision of a “brother’s/sister’s keeper” work culture.

Using evidence-based principles from applied behavioral science and humanistic behaviorism, Actively Caring for People’s Safety is designed to show readers how to make a brother’s/sister’s keeper work culture a reality.

“Safety and health professionals, corporate managers and line workers who read, discuss and practice the fundamental principals in this handbook will be well-prepared and empowered to improve their organization’s work culture,” said Rick Blanchette, ASSE’s manager of Technical Publications. “The discussion questions and exercises in this book inspire practical self-study and group training.”

The book’s two authors are widely respected for their experience in the subject matter. E. Scott Geller, Ph.D., is an alumni distinguished professor at Virginia Tech University and co-founder and senior partner at Safety Performance Solutions Inc. For 48 years, he has conducted research as a faculty member and director of the Center for Applied Behavior Systems in the Department of Psychology. Krista S. Geller, Ph.D., worked as a researcher throughout her undergraduate and graduate studies at Virginia Tech’s Center for Applied Behavior Systems. She has traveled worldwide to assist in adapting the actively caring process to various cultures, languages and work environments. She currently is the field development leadership supervisor at Bechtel Corporation.

Actively Caring for People’s Safety is one of 79 technical publications available on the ASSE website for occupational safety and health professionals. The books cover every facet of safety from accident investigation and exam preparation to safety management and fall protection.

Among the most-read books published by ASSE are The Safety Professionals Handbook, Volumes 1 and 2; Accident Investigation Techniques; and ASSE’s ASP Examination Prep.

Browse the Society’s entire collection of safety books online by visiting ASSE technical publications.

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