Pompton Plains, N.J. (April 14, 2017) – A banner recognizing sponsors at a rock concert adjacent to the stage. A covered fence, masking a construction site, that details what’s to come. A soft drink advertisement enveloping the side of a building downtown. All are situations where printed mesh can provide a custom retail/commercial décor, branding or messaging solution.

Growing demand among the construction industry for printed mesh products prompted Strong Man Safety Products to create their own custom-printed debris netting, vinyl banners, mesh and fabric banners, visual barriers and fence murals.

Their latest innovation allows for customization of a wide array of mesh for various applications including construction sites, concerts and special events. Strong Man’s printing capabilities allow customers to print their company name, high-resolution logo, advertisements, pictures and designs on their superior strength reinforced PVC vinyl fabric. Strong Man’s printed mesh has heat-sealed edges and grommets, is UV-treated and flame retardant and is available in various shade factors.

“Our printed mesh is a versatile solution to meet the growing demand we’ve seen among our customers and the industry as a whole,” says Jay Kinder, founder and CEO of Strong Man Safety Products. “From restoration and building enclosures, logo debris netting, and company branding and marketing, this multipurpose messaging solution is backed by Strong Man’s commitment to high-quality and service. As with everything we offer, our customers can be confident that they’re getting the best of the best.”

The custom-printed mesh will be available in May at www.strongman.com. Each request will be made- to-order based on each customer’s specific needs. For more information about Strong Man Safety Products’ customized printed mesh visit https://www.strongman.com/product/customized-printed-mesh/.

About Strong Man Safety Products

Strong Man Safety Products have been providing the construction industry with products to maintain a safe work environment for more than 40 years. They are a leading manufacturer of weather and debris enclosures for all seasons and applications. To learn more about Strong Man Safety Products, visit the company’s website at StrongMan.com. To locate a Strong Man distributor, call 800-950-6999.