It’s not a product mark, so don’t look for it on the label. QSSP stands for Qualified Safety Sales Professional, and you’ll find those four letters after the names of safety sales professionals who have prepared themselves to be your partners in prevention of worker injuries and illness.

As a safety director or small business owner, you have to conduct hazard assessments, plan and implement control strategies, make sure your workers are equipped with the right safety equipment and trained on how to use it. You’re measuring noise and dust, fit testing, supervising maintenance, tracking OSHA and EPA compliance and filling out forms. Imagine having a safety equipment vendor who understands all the things you have to do, and can help you find solutions as well as the right PPE.

That’s what sets the QSSPs apart. They have successfully completed an intensive course on technical and regulatory fundamentals of workplace safety and health sponsored by the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA). The QSSP program has prepared them to be a valued resource to their customers, bringing knowledge, competence and credibility, and solutions to support your critical mission of protecting your workers. QSSPs can help you make the case to management for a strong, sustained EHS program.