3M™ Personal Safety Division features the “3M Science of Safety” at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo (NSC), booth #2803, in Indianapolis beginning Monday, Sept. 25.  In addition to highlighting new products and access to its credentialed technical service team, 3M is offering virtual reality training demonstrations for fall protection, fall protection for tools and welding safety. Each of these safety categories has been, and continues to be, impacted by the ongoing expansion of the construction industry and its workforce needs.

“With the increased demand on safety managers to keep new and veteran workers up-to-date on safety needs and requirements, 3M is expanding on its training and education portfolio,” said Karen Cuta at 3M Personal Safety Division. “Gaming technology and virtual reality have broadened the tools available for safety experts and manufacturers to engage an increasingly diverse workforce. While we continue to offer in-person and virtual training sessions and experiences around the world, 3M is increasing its investment in technology-driven learning tools.”

3M’s new virtual reality training tools fall within its newly-defined six elements of 3M’s Science of Safety: Industry Experience, Hazard Awareness, Regulatory Knowledge, Innovative Technologies, Quality Products and Education & Training. To learn more visit: 3m.com/ScienceOfSafety.

Show Highlights:

Education and Training: Virtual Reality and Safety Training

Fall Protection

In an immersive, four-minute virtual experience, attendees will need to inspect a harness, connect self-retracting lifelines, and protect tools from falling at height. Most importantly, they will experience these activities at height – but without the dangers of falling.

Welding Safety

Attendees will be able to weld using passive and auto-darkening helmets with a virtual reality game that challenges players to weld six areas quickly and accurately. Players will see firsthand why some products outperform others.

Industry Experience: Fall Tower and Dropped Objects Demonstration

3M Fall Protection and Fall Protection for Tools is giving fall protection demonstrations throughout the Expo highlighting equipment and training opportunities to help safety managers and workers stay compliant and safe when people and tools are at height. In addition to demonstrations at the Fall Tower, other hands on experiences include:

  • Personal SRL attachment time challenge
  • SRL lock-up challenge
  • Snap into work mode with the new 3M™ DBI-SALA® Comfort Grip Connector

Innovative Technologies: Coffee and Protective Eyewear

NSC attendees are invited to wear 3M™ SecureFit™ Protective Eyewear 600 Series while drinking a hot cup of coffee at the booth and learn more about the anti-fog coating featured on the SecureFit 600 series of protective eyewear. The addition of the 600 series expands the options of the 3M SecureFit protective eyewear line, providing a range of lens colors, readers, and coatings. 

Quality Products: 3M E-A-Rfit Dual-Ear Validation System Challenge

Test your hearing protection with the E-A-Rfit Challenge. A 3M hearing specialist will run an E-A-Rfit test on participants utilizing the 3M hearing protection of their choice. Each participant’s personal attenuation rating (PAR) score will be recorded and the attendee with the highest unaided PAR score at the end of each day will win a Hopper™ YETI® Cooler. For participants with poor PAR scores, our hearing specialist will provide on-the-spot training and additional hearing protector options to ensure they understand how to properly select and wear hearing protection.

Helping Employers Solve Health and Safety Challenges Daily

The Science of Safety is a collaborative effort between safety managers and 3M, and will help companies better identify hazards and equip workers with the right PPE as well as address the variables that may influence equipment selection. The effort’s goal will be to work with businesses to help them solve some of their most complex worker health and safety challenges.

About 3M

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