The September 2017 issue of ISHN contained errors in the FR Protection column (page 20) and posted online as the September FR Protection column:

  • NEVER use the 1998 version of ASTM F1506. It was pre-arc rating and is commonly cited by incorrect clothing because it only had a VERTICAL FLAME test. Many melting materials will pass that standard.
  • ASTM F1891 has no 1998 version. It was not published until the last part of 1999 so the first version number is 1999a.
  • The current versions of these important standards are as follows: ASTM F1891-12 and ASTM F1506-15.
  • Arc Rated is the proper term. Arc Resistant is old and now only properly used of equipment that does not allow out arc flash energy onto a worker.
  • Corrections provided by Hugh Hoagland, senior consultant, ArcWear.