Petzl, a manufacturer of professional safety equipment for more than 25 years, will showcase its innovative, ANSI-compliant ASAP and ASAP LOCK mobile fall arresters at NSC Expo & Congress 2017.

“The ASAP and ASAP LOCK offer continuous protection while on rope whether suspended hundreds of feet in the air or standing on an inclined roof installing solar panels,” said Jon Rockefeller, North American marketing director for Petzl. “It’s the one device every worker at height should have.”

The easy-to-use ASAP, $239.95, sets the category standard in fall protection for workers at height thanks to its unique locking system. In normal use, the device follows the user in all his or her movements, moving freely along the rope without any manual intervention. It can be installed and removed at any point on the rope.

In the event of a slip or fall, the sudden acceleration causes the fall arrester to lock onto the rope and arrest the fall, even if worker grabs the device. The locking system works in every work-at-height scenario, whether moving up or down, or with the rope running vertically or diagonally.

The ASAP may also be combined with an energy absorber to limit the impact forces of a fall. The energy absorber can also be used to distance the rope from the work, protecting it from sharp tools or multi-metal spray. Equipped with an OXAN TRIACT-LOCK carabiner, it is certified to U.S. and European standards. 

The ASAP LOCK, $279.95, shares the same technology features as the ASAP as well as an integrated locking function. This function allows the user to immobilize the device on the rope limiting potential fall distance, as well as preventing the rope from freely travelling through the device when blown by strong winds. The connection arm also makes the system drop-resistant when passing intermediate anchors.

The ASAP LOCK is always used with an energy absorber to work at a distance from the rope, and reduce impact forces in the event of a fall. It is easy to install and remove at any point on the rope. It is certified to U.S., European, and Russian standards.

Both fall arresters can be viewed at Petzl booth 4023 at NSC Expo & Congress 2017, September 25-29, 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information, please visit


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