The hour-and-a-half long seminars held during World of Concrete are crash courses in business, the basics of concrete (for entry level personnel) and in topics like engineering, masonry, residential construction, safety and risk management and technical updates.

On the business side of the equation are 90 minute seminars in:

  • Numbers Contractors Must Know & Track to Make a Profit
  • Better Job Costing and Labor Controls to Increase Profits
  • The 25 Hour Day—Time Management & Time Budgeting Strategies

Those with less than three years of experience can benefit from:

  • Concrete 101

Other 90 minute seminars include:

  • How the Millennial Generation is Changing the Workplace
  • Moisture-Related Flooring Failures: Unlocking the Science for Understanding & Avoiding Problems
  • Mastering Residential Winter Concrete Conditions
  • Hot Weather: Dealing with Concrete in Hot, Dry & Windy Conditions
  • Design & Construction of Slabs-on-Ground + Slabs on Metal Deck