Metal lathe machines and grinders are two of the most dangerous types of industrial tools on the plant floor, with their use resulting in hundreds of serious workplace accidents and deaths each year. In fact, grinder safeguarding violations are consistently one of OSHA's Top 10 most cited machines.

To address this issue, Rockford Systems, LLC. announced today that it will host a live, complimentary mini-webinar titled "Safeguarding Basics: Lathes and Grinders" on Tuesday, January 23, from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM Central Time. The webinar will offer advice from Roger Harrison, Director of Training for Rockford Systems, who is an expert on OSHA, CFR, ANSI and NFPA safety standards.

"There are a series of factors that can lead to lathe and grinder accidents, from defective machinery to the lack of operator training," said Carrie Halle, Vice President of Marketing for Rockford Systems, LLC. "However, we have found that failure to install required safeguarding equipment to be the primary cause. In this mini-webinar we explore how the use of this equipment can help organizations reduce injuries, improve employee productivity, and keep a company in absolute compliance."

This informative, free webinar will specifically cover:

  • How to assess the current state of your lathe and grinder safeguarding equipment according to the latest OSHA 29, CFR regulations, ANSI B-11 and NFPA 79 standards.
  • Practical lessons learned to help in specifying and installing equipment such as chuck shields, chip shields, motor-starters and disconnects on lathes and grinders.
  • Tips to prevent employee accidents

The mini-webinar will run approximately 20-25 minutes with another 5-10 minutes dedicated to a question and answer session with Mr. Harrison.

Register for the webinar at: The event will also be recorded and available for on-demand viewing at


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