The amputation of a worker’s fingers in unguarded moving belts and pulleys has resulted in 11 citations and $86,615 in penalties against UMC Acquisition Corp. of Downey, California.

California OSHA concluded that the company failed to assess the workplace for hazards, ensure that proper lockout/tagout procedures were implemented, and install guards on moving machinery.

Citations were issued for failing to:

  • ensure that electric equipment had the required markings
  • ensure that flexible cords were repaired or replaced when the outer sheath is damaged such that any conductor insulation is exposed. (The power line for a pneumatic control box on the facility’s "Log Saw" had outer sheath damage that exposed conductor insulation.)
  • conduct an investigation of a serious injury
  • implement an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

“There were ineffective procedures for identifying and evaluating work place hazards associated with the Log Saw,” according to Cal/OSHA. “As a result, a serious injury occurred on 10/26/2017 while the Log Saw was being operated in its normal operating configuration.”