This year’s AIHce EXP features keynote speakers who are sure to inspire. The opening keynote speaker Monday morning kicks things off with “Three Megatrends and Four Best Practices That Will Shape Your Business Future.” Rich Karlgaard is a respected forecaster and offers a unique vantage point on the trends driving the business and economic climates, which in turn influence the decisions we make in the IH/OH industry.

There is a lot of noise when it comes to business predictions, and Rich Karlgaard cuts through that noise. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of business, economic, innovation, and technological trends, he is able to see, weigh, and articulate the variables that will shape the future.
His experience as editor of Forbes magazine has given him incredible access to CEOs and major investors around the world, allowing him to translate those insights from around the world to his audiences.

The closing keynote Wednesday will offer plenty to think about as you head home after a few days of education and networking. The closing keynote session this year is “Total Exposure Health - A Revolutionary Way to Think of Exposure and Primary Prevention.” Retired Colonel Kirk Phillips will address total exposure health (TEH), a bold solution to capture workplace, environmental, and lifestyle exposures to the individual using advances in science, technology, and informatics to help reduce short- and long-term health risks. Hear about Phillips’ holistic approach to integrating science, technology, informatics, and medicine into interconnected preventive health systems.

As the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Practice Leader at LJB Inc. out of Dayton, Ohio, Col. Phillips is passionate about improving the quality of life for our communities. In 2014, he developed Total Exposure Health as a strategic initiative to institutionalize primary prevention in work, environmental and lifestyle exposures.