Today, Blackline Safety Corp. (TSXV: BLN) launched its second-generation Blackline Analytics platform, a tool that makes it easy for businesses to manage a world-class gas detection program.

Available to all new and existing Blackline Safety customers, this new data analytics software enables businesses to leverage the data streamed from their connected G7 gas detectors, empowering decision-making with user-friendly data visualization tools.

“Blackline is the only vendor to combine turn-key, 3G-enabled connected gas detection with location-based data analytics software,” says Cody Slater, CEO & Chairman of Blackline Safety.

“Since launching the first generation of Blackline Analytics at the beginning of the year, we’ve been overwhelmed with positive customer feedback. Not only has our analytics software empowered customers with data-driven decision-making, this leading capability has helped us win new customer business as a key competitive differentiator.”

“Businesses are increasingly driven by data and connectivity — with Blackline Analytics, we are moving the gas detection industry into the future,” says Sean Stinson, VP Sales & Product Management.

“Our G7 connected gas detectors generate much more data than convention instruments that just beep and flash. Equipment usage, gas readings, location data, sensor tests and calibrations are continuously streamed to the Blackline Safety Network for analysis, driving unique insights for businesses.”

Blackline Analytics is accessible from any internet-connected device and launched with five interactive reports that will soon be joined by more reports, driven by customer feedback. Current Blackline Analytics online reports include:

Event report: Provides a high-level overview of customer data, allowing users to quickly drill down into specifics using several filters. Charts enable quick comparison across individuals and teams. Users can explore how frequently one data type was reported and see when data events occur over time.

Event Map report: Users can explore the locations where data events occurred by choosing a date range and using an interactive map. Multiple occurrences of the same type of data can indicate a recurring issue that may require investigation.

Incident report: Presents data for an individual employee or team that makes it easy to investigate an incident relating to gas exposure, an injury or health incident.

Usage and Compliance report: Presents regulatory gas detection and usage compliance data through a series of interactive charts. Businesses can monitor how teams are using equipment and if they are performing required gas sensor testing and calibrations.

Bump Test and Calibration report: Customers can further drill into gas detection compliance data, examining each test and calibration performed, to identify and manage the cause of any failures that may have been encountered.

Blackline Analytics leverages assisted-GPS location technology embedded into every G7 gas detector to accurately record the location of gas readings. It also supports Blackline’s proprietary location beacons, used when working around and inside facilities where GPS satellite signals may be less accurate or not available.

Blackline Analytics is offered as part of Blackline’s connected safety portfolio, including its new G7 Insight, which combines a 3G-connected G7c gas detector with an online compliance dashboard and lifetime sensor warranty.

Blackline’s G7c gas detector delivers turn-key connectivity, with services available in over 100 countries.

Unlike competitor products, G7 does not require support from expensive industrial Wi-Fi networks or complicated Bluetooth connections to smartphones.

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About Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety is a global connected safety technology leader. Providing comprehensive live-monitoring and wireless gas detection, we help teams working in hazardous environments respond to emergencies in real-time and manage efficient evacuations, accounting for everyone’s safety along the way. With millions invested in technology research and development, Blackline Safety is recognized for quality and innovation.

Our talented team of designers and engineers create and manufacture in-house — from wearable technology and personal gas detectors to cloud-hosted infrastructure and web-based interfaces for the global industry. We deliver the world’s first turn-key, work-anywhere connected safety monitoring solution with gas detection, 3G wireless, satellite communications, a two-way speakerphone, employee messaging and live monitoring to meet the demanding safety challenges of organizations in over 100 countries. For more information, visit