Master Lock, a global leader in security, is changing the way businesses securely manage access with the introduction of Master Lock Vault Enterprise. This new solution integrates easy-to-use software with Bluetooth-enabled security devices to streamline access management.

(Pictured above: Master Lock Vault Enterprise seamlessly integrates a newly developed web platform, mobile app and Master Lock’s Bluetooth-enabled security devices. Available November, the new solution provides improved efficiency for granting and managing access to many locks and many users operating within a business of any size.)

"We conducted extensive research with end users and customers and found that many businesses have struggled with controlling who has access to the locks and users they have in their systems. They want a simplified, cost effective way to manage access to a range of assets, from gates and equipment to doors and toolboxes," said David Claar, vice president of engineering and new product development. "Master Lock Vault Enterprise fills that unmet need in the marketplace by enabling access management with lower infrastructure investment, intuitive management software and simplified set up."

Master Lock Vault Enterprise seamlessly integrates a newly developed web platform, mobile app and Master Lock's Bluetooth-enabled security devices, including Bluetooth Padlocks and Lock Boxes. The system eliminates the cost, complexity and security risk of physical key management via a smart, simple and secure solution. Additionally, Master Lock Vault Enterprise increases accountability as administrators can monitor lock access with robust data and audit trails.


Through the web interface, administrators can easily grant and manage access for as many locks and as many users as they need. Authorized personnel can then access these locks and lock boxes via the mobile app on their smartphones. Without physical keys that can be lost or copied, businesses gain peace of mind knowing their assets are secured.


Whether it's one lock or many, Master Lock Vault Enterprise provides unmatched security, simplicity and accountability.

Through the intuitive web interface, administrators can grant access to personnel based on time, date or group, such as in the following scenarios:

  • Individual – Share permanent or temporary access with an individual.
  • Group – Easily assign users and devices to unique access groups on demand, such as for operations or facilities teams.


Leading airline operations teams and real estate firms have already incorporated Master Lock Vault Enterprise to manage access to assets and properties, which has allowed them to reduce lost time and money by better controlling access and tracing assets with the audit trail capability. The technology is well suited for all industries, including real estate, facilities management, property management, oil and gas, schools and universities, utilities and telecommunications, as well as small- and medium-sized businesses.

"As the leader in security for nearly 100 years, we've always been committed to bringing to market secure, reliable and innovative products that solve security challenges for businesses," said Rebecca Smith, vice president of marketing. "Master Lock Vault Enterprise represents how we're strategically combining our security expertise with the latest technology to evolve our portfolio from traditional portable mechanical devices to electro-mechanical solutions to better meet our customers' needs."

Master Lock Vault Enterprise will be available November 2018. Businesses can learn more and request additional information by visiting

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