Wildeck is demonstrating how its storing, lifting and guarding products perfectly compliment automation applications within the packaging and converting industries in booth No. E-7023 at PACK EXPO 2018, Oct. 14-17, at McCormick Place in Chicago.

For companies looking to automate their packaging or converting applications, Wildeck’s products, including mezzanine platforms, vertical material lifts (VRCs), new RiderLift™ rideable material lifts, Wilgard® protective guard rail, and EdgeAlert™ open gate alarms are engineered to be fully integrated into larger, automation projects.

As a total solutions supplier, Wildeck works closely with distributors and integrators to design both standard and custom-designed products to help companies find and utilize space while protecting high-value equipment, packaged goods and facility personnel. Wildeck’s products are built to exact standards for the packaging industry, and are in compliance with OSHA codes for safety and ergonomics.

“Space is always a premium for many packaging and converting industry customers, and our products are designed to not only create more space, but to maximize the efficiency and safety of that space,” said Kelly Kamlager, Director of Marketing, Wildeck, Inc. “Wildeck has the products and design expertise to make packaging industry projects run smoothly.”

Packaging & Converting Industry Applications for Wildeck products:

Packaging & Converting Applications

Wildeck Products / Solutions

Packaging, Printing, & Converting Machine / Equipment Access (for operation, maintenance, or service)

Custom Work Platforms, Equipment Platforms; Welded or Knock-down Stairways, Rolastair™ Rolling Ladders, Vertical Caged Ladders; Laddergard™ Safety Swing Gates

Bulk Paper, Film, or Foil Roll Handling & Storage

Mezzanines; VRCs (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors)

Conveyor System Support

Wildeck® Mezzanines

Conveyor Crossover / Access

Crossover Platforms, Modular LadderLink™ Crossover System

Work Area Protection & Facility Safety

Wilgard® Guard Rail; SaferGate™ Pedestrian Pass-thru Gates; Jiffy Rail™ Railing Systems; EdgeGard™ Dock Gates; patented EdgeAlert™ Open Gate Alarm System (U.S. Patent No. 9,834,975)

In-Plant Office Support & Access

Mezzanines; Welded or KD Stairways; RiderLift™ Type B Rideable Material Lifts

Storage Rack Access

Rolastair™ Rolling Ladders; NetGate™ Safety Gate for Pick Modules; Stockman™ Forklift Platforms

WIP (Work-in-Process) Storage

Mezzanines; VRCs; Rolastair™ Rolling Ladders; StocKart™ Stockpicker Rolling Carts

Lean / Cellular Manufacturing

Mezzanines; VRCs; Wilgard® Guard Rail; Jiffy Rail™ Railing Systems

Assembly Operations, Kitting, etc.

Mezzanines; StocKart™ Stockpicker Rolling Carts


Mezzanines; Custom Work Platforms; Rolastair™ Rolling Ladders

Collating Operations

Mezzanines; Custom Work Platforms; VRCs

Robotics and Crane Support

Mezzanine Structures

Manufacturing & Material Handling

Mezzanines; VRCs (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors); Safety Gates; RiderLift™ Type B Rideable Lifts; StocKart™ Stockpicker Rolling Carts

One of Wildeck’s newest innovations for packagers is the RiderLift RML family of rideable material lifts that allow an authorized rider to safely travel with their cargo between levels. Unlike traditional VRCs that can only transport material, Wildeck’s RiderLift provides numerous benefits for the packaging industry, including:

Increased material handling efficiency, at a fraction of the cost of an elevator

Improves safety, reducing worker fatigue, while minimizing lost time accidents

Optimizes the utilization of facility capacity gained from mezzanines, rack systems, and pick modules

Provides a robust range of four lifting capacities to safely transfer virtually any packaged materials and one authorized rider.

RiderLift™ (base unit) Capacity – 2,500 lb.

RiderLift™   XL –   5,000 lb.

RiderLift™ 2XL –   8,000 lb.

RiderLift™ 4XL – 10,000 lb.

Wildeck’s versatile new LadderLink™ system is a modular access solution that provides packaging and converting industry personnel full control over the level of access they require to machines, conveyors, and equipment in their facility. Customers can combine up to five different pre-engineered steel LadderLink components, to provide virtually endless configurations of work platforms, crossovers, and stair systems perfectly tailored to their individual needs.

Wildeck, Inc. is a subsidiary of Holden Industries, a 100% Employee-Owned Company. Please contact Kelly Kamlager, Director of Marketing at 262-549-4000, ext. 2069, kkamlager@wildeck.com for more information on the complete line of Wildeck® products and services; or visit www.wildeck.com, or e-mail info@wildeck.com.