With drones continuing to soar in popularity, it’s likely that there will be plenty of them under Christmas trees this year, ready to be unwrapped, taken outside and flown.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has created a “Buzzy the Drone” character to teach newbies the do’s and don'ts of being a responsible drone operator and flying their new drone safely.

The four-rotor Buzzy comes with simple – almost whimsical – language:

“Too many times, we at the FAA hear sad stories about what happens when inexperienced flyers take their drone out for its first flight. Sometimes a nasty tree will jump right into your flight path. All too often, the drone gets scared and flies away if you let it out of your sight. And upset neighbors may knock on your door if you fly over their backyard while they’re outside.”

Among Buzzy’s sfety tips: “When Buzzy Goes Out for a Flight, the Number One Rule Is Keep Buzzy in Sight.”

You can follow Buzzy’s adventures on FAA social media such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

More information about drone regulations and safety is available at the FAA’s unmanned aircraft website.