Casella, a leading provider of air sampling, noise and vibration monitoring solutions, announced today its new advanced software package, NoiseSafe. NoiseSafe is designed for use with Casella’s personal dosimeter, the dBadge2, which captures noise exposure in a single measurement and provides subsequent download and analysis.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), each year 22 million employees are exposed to hazardous noises at work making hearing loss the most common work-related injury. Therefore, noise monitoring plays a critical role in protecting against noise-induced hearing loss.

“For managers, the priority of employee health and safety continues to increase,” said Tim Turney, Technical Product Manager, Casella. “The new NoiseSafe software is designed to make noise assessments easier, customizable and seamless.”

When used with dBadge2, NoiseSafe is the ideal tool for fast and efficient noise reporting, as well as analysis of noise exposure levels. The new software features instantaneous data and is capable of downloading a typical eight-hour workplace recording in just a few seconds.

Beginning April 2019, Casella’s NoiseSafe software is available with any purchase of the dBadge2.

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About Casella

Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental risks through a core competence in dust, noise and vibration monitoring. The company has provided precision instrumentation since 1799 and supplied eminent figures including Charles Darwin with instrumentation for exploration and scientific work. Casella’s core purpose is to create technology aimed at improving the working environment of employees whilst providing robust data and equipment platforms to enable organizations to remain compliant with health and safety regulations. The company is expert in the integration of sensor technology and data management systems that further improve productivity and overall safety in the workplace. Casella is a global business with offices in the UK, US, Australia, China and India, supported by a network of distributors providing local service and support to those searching out solutions for risk reductions.