Created by Naked Prosthetics, this prosthetic moves with a person's hand mimicking a natural finger.

“For us, function is about getting somebody back to work, back to life, back to doing what they want to do," said Bob Thompson, CEO of Naked Prosthetics.

They created the product to help the vast amounts of construction workers who've lost partial fingers and wanted to get back on the job.

Thompson says in the United States alone, tens of thousands of people have lost fingers.

“We don’t try to make it look like a finger; we try to make it work like a finger. So function is everything for us. And aesthetics, we want to make it look cool, something somebody is proud to wear," said Thompson.

“The first time I saw Naked Prosthetics I was so excited about the fact that this was a functional prosthetic; it would work with me instead of trying to hide me," said one partial amputee, Allyson Watson.

While she's adapted to her amputations, there are still things that are difficult to do, like buttoning a button or tying shoes.

“These prosthetics are going to give me that chance to try and help my son tie his shoes, I can’t tell you how good that feels.”

Naked Prosthetics is based in Washington but connected Watson with San Diego-based Bionics Orthotics & Prosthetics. Nicole Keller, a certified orthotist and prosthetist, fitted Watson for her custom Naked Prosthetic. The process involved taking a cast impression of her hands.

Keller says the device is groundbreaking for people with partial amputations.

“Your hands are so unique; they’re a unique part of your body that is very fine motor skills, and a lot of prosthetics don’t have that, especially for partial fingers," said Keller.

Source: ABC News 10, San Diego