A Virginia lumber company has been fined more than $24,000 in connection with the death of an employee last year.

R.A. Yancey Lumber Co. in Crozet was fined after the state Department of Labor and Industry found four violations while investigating the worker's death.

According to investigation documents, 46-year-old Floriberta Macedo-Diaz was walking to her work area before the start of her shift in July 2018 when passed by a stack of lumber pieces weighing about 260 pounds each.

A witness heard the lumber fall and saw Macedo-Diaz lying under multiple pieces of lumber.

The initial fine of $34,705 was lowered to $24,294 after an informal settlement. One violation was for having no employees trained in first aid and no first aid kit readily available.

Source: www.cbs19news.com