Why do so many workers and building occupants die from falling through plastic skylights? Why do we have a BLS.gov line item on falling through skylights, average about 16-20/year work deaths in the USA through 2017?

Isn't it easier to place a screen (cage or other cover) over the dome or flat panel? The upcoming ASTM standard is to test the design with 300 lbs lead weights (10" dia) through a three foot fall. Yet many skylight manufacturers have not done this test yet on their current models? Do manufacturers think they will get lucky and avoid a worker fall while dragging a hose backwards, or owners not forecasting building resident(s) sitting on a dome to take in the evening scene of the Hollywood Hills. No-one talks of the extreme danger of partially painting a dome even polycarbonate as opposed to the typical acrylic material. No one appears to be educating (Safety 101) warehouse building owners or roofers despite two available NIOSH.gov documents. Please check your roofs and take action to save lives now.