The ABUS Granit™ is held as one of the most secure padlocks in the world and has been developed to meet the highest standards in terms of quality and security. The Granit™ 37ST/55 is the first stainless steel padlock in its series. Built to withstand extreme weather conditions, the body and shackle are made of stainless steel.

First introduced in 1982, the Granit™ series was designed for the toughest security requirements for both commercial and private users.

“The stainless steel Granit™ is a perfect addition to the series as it truly is a premium padlock,” George Eubanks, VP of Sales & Marketing, said.

Thanks to the material properties of stainless steel, it is not necessary to add a separate coating to the product to protect against corrosion. This gives the lock a unique, contemporary look, making it the lock of choice for all those who expect optimum security and the very best in design. High-quality anti-corrosion materials are also used for internal components. As such, the Granit™ 37ST/55 represents the ultimate solution for use in extremely corrosive environments, certified in accordance with security class CEN 4 (SSFN Class 3).

For the new generation of Granit padlocks, the key copy protection has been improved using a new key profile. Based on the ABUS Plus disk cylinder, a key has been developed that only fits fifth-generation Granit padlocks. In addition to this, the new products are equipped with a security card. The Granit™ 37ST/55 is priced at $160 (MSRP).

About ABUS

Since 1924, ABUS has provided a good feeling of security. The products of the German manufacturer distinguish themselves through a high level of reliability and longevity while still being very easy to use.  ABUS provides a large product range of innovative solutions for home security, safety lockout, commercial security and recreational security. ABUS USA is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ and is a wholly owned subsidiary in the ABUS Group dedicated to making life more secure in North America.  The ABUS group is headquartered in Wetter, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany and is made up of more than 20 subsidiaries worldwide distributing security products in over 100 countries.