IPIECA, a global oil and gas industry association for advancing environmental and social performance within the industry, has released 2018 data on health leading performance indicators for employees.

According to IPIECA, “indicators for the health performance of the industry are a necessary part of effective health management and the promotion of improvements in health performance. Currently there is no globally applied set of performance indicators within the oil and gas industry.”

In 2007, the joint Health Committee of IPIECA and IOGP, published Health Performance Indicators –  A guide for the oil and gas industry. Content from that report was used to develop two tools (the gap analysis tool and the percentage tool) which are used to:

  • assess health leading performance indicators within individual companies; and
  • compare performance between different parts of a company and between participating companies.

Both tools were used in 2018 to gauge health performance between participating IPIECA and IOGP member companies; the results are published in this report.

The just-released document updates the 1999 OGP publication Health Performance Indicators (Report 6.78/290) in the context of recently agreed guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting (API/IPIECA, 2005) and the growth of health management standards. The association says it builds on that early guidance to provide a more practical and detailed set of stand-alone health indicators.  

Download the guidance document here.