Now that we're in the swing of fall, it is crucial to understand how to properly layer using flame resistant clothing so you're prepared when the weather turns cold. When worn correctly, flame resistant clothing can provide lifesaving protection. As you layer up this season, stay warm and protected by following these simple tips:

• Layer smart. It's recommended to dress in loose fitting layers because they trap heat easily. It's just as important to have an FR compliant inner layer as it is to have an FR compliant outer layer, as non-FR clothing can ignite during an incident. 
• Wear flame resistant head protection. Don't forget about your head! 50% of body heat is lost through the head, so also be sure to wear protective head gear that is flame resistant.  
• Keep your hands and feet warm. Insulated gloves are best for keeping your hands the warmest. Make sure to wear non-cotton socks, as cotton absorbs water quickly and takes a long time to dry (creating risk for hypothermia).

Stay warm. Use Nanuq CWI.

Check out Mount Vernon FR's line of quilted FR composites, Nanuq CWI (Cold Weather Insulated), to keep you warm and safe this winter. Nanuq CWI helps companies provide both warmth and protection to workers that must brave the elements to get the job done. 
All Nanuq CWI quilted fabrics are NFPA 2112 component recognized, and can be used as part of an NFPA certified insulated coverall or outerwear garment.