Alcumus eCompliance, the number one mobile safety software solution in North America, officially accomplished its corporate mission to eliminate 1 million workplace injuries and incidents by the end of 2020. The team of safety nerds are humbled to announce they have exceeded the 1 million injuries & incidents prevented as of November totalling: 1,062,938.

Alongside achieving their corporate mission, Alcumus eCompliance had the opportunity to survey its current customer base to review its true impact on safety within North America. Key results of the Customer Impact Survey are as follows:


  • Alcumus eCompliance Customers have reduced their injury rates by 60%, on average
  • 24% of customers have achieved zero (“0”) incidents since implementing the Alcumus eCompliance software
  • 90% of customers have improved their safety record by implementing the Alcumus eCompliance software


“Ten years ago a tragic workplace fatality in the power sector inspired us to figure out a better way to do health and safety,” says Adrian Bartha, Co-Founder, Alcumus eCompliance. “However, today I am thrilled to announce the first mission we set out to eliminate 1 million workplace injuries & incidents has been successfully accomplished. Our customers and team have much to be proud of in achieving this level of impact for our frontline workforces and communities. This is just one milestone in the journey to create safer, healthier and stronger workplaces.”

“Joining this team in late 2020 has been an eye-opening experience to the world of safety technology,” says Tyler Davey, North American CEO, Alcumus. “Being able to see the intricate work each team member puts towards achieving this mission is downright inspiring. I’m looking forward to what Alcumus eCompliance can achieve in the years to come. One thing is for certain, with this many dedicated team members and customers, the sky is the limit.”

As 2021 inches closer, Alcumus eCompliance will not slow down. Our future mission will be announced on January 4, 2021, and it will push us all to deliver on our vision to transform the world of work to become safer, healthier, and stronger. We will continue to strengthen safety culture throughout North America’s high-risk industries and inspire our customers to achieve safety excellence.

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