The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the largest civilian agency in the Federal government with roughly 600,000 employees. For the last 30 years, International Commerce Marketing (ICM) Corp and its Postal Products Unlimited division have specialized in supplying equipment to the United States Postal Service (USPS).  What began as a small operation with only a handful of products grew into a $30 million distribution contract for thousands of postal unique products, with an average of 1000 orders per day from Post Offices across America. About 15 years ago, Postal Products further increased its expansive line by becoming an approved Postal Uniform Vendor.  Postal Products Unlimited stocks and distributes the entire line of USPS certified uniforms.

With an eye toward the health and safety of letter carriers and postal workers who are on their feet all day, Postal Products identified a new ergonomic insole technology developed by Alliance Design & Development Group (ADDG) that offers customizable arch support, which could help relieve compressive pressures and body pains, while helping to reduce potential worker’s comp claims.

Tom Ronco, National Sales Manager at ICM, said, “I was interested in SelectFlex because they are much more orthopedic than insoles made by other manufacturers. USPS employees are realizing many health benefits and are even purchasing several pairs paid out of their own pocket to wear in all their shoes.”

Many of ICM’s products are exclusive to the Postal Service, while others cross over to other government agencies as well. ICM’s General Services Administration (GSA) division caters to Federal entities outside the USPS. The military is the largest group but, ICM also works with the Veteran’s Administration, Homeland Security, Customs and Border patrol, the Social Security Administration and other Federal agencies. ICM has several contract vehicles to fulfill various purchase levels, even for wide-scale emergencies or theatre of operations such as the combat phase in Iraq and Afghanistan. ICM is an ISO Certified company with an established quality management system that has earned awards from the Federal Government and recognition as a best in class small business supplier.

The GSA division carries over 25,000,000 products from multiple categories, with clothing being the latest line extension. Though pending government approval, ICM is working hard to ensure SelectFlex insoles become part of this new line.

Joel Herringa, ICM National Government Account Manager said, “I’m confident we’ll be able to add SelectFlex to our uniform collection. The military understands the mission critical importance of supplying our troops with the best equipment possible.”

SelectFlex isn’t new to military applications. The same Variable Resistance Beam (VRB) technology embedded in the insoles, which provides selectable firmness and support, has been used to create military human augmentation devices that help relieve compressive pack weights, reduce load-induced injuries, and improve the mobility of soldiers in the field.

Peter Tarlton, CTO of ADDG said, “For all intents and purposes, postal service employees are also mission critical field personnel who endure intense physical strain on a daily basis. Our goal is to deliver comfort and wellness to those we count on to deliver the U.S. mail and protect our country.”