Remark Office OMR V10.4

Category: Data Collection & Analysis - Software

Automate your data collection from BBS observations, training assessments, checklists, audits, surveys, and other safety forms. Create and print your own forms. Scan completed forms with any image scanner, copier, or mobile scanning app (anything that can create a suitable image file; PDF, TIFF, JPG). Remark Office OMR provides ultimate flexibility in your form design and scanning hardware. There is no need to purchase special forms or hardware. Analyze your forms with the built-in reports or export data to your safety management system, database, or other reporting tools.

Gravic, Inc. - Remark Software

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Cority Contractor Safety Management

Category: EHS Management Software

High risk work, tight deadlines, and high turnover are just some of the challenges you face managing contractor safety. And there’s little room for error. Cority’s Contractor Safety Management solution enables you to manage the entire contractor lifecycle in a single, unified SaaS platform, helping to reduce risk, improve compliance, and drive operational excellence.


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Exposure Tracker

Category: Wearables - Exposure monitors

Intelex's Exposure Tracker application enables full lifecycle management of exposure tracking and tracing within the workplace, protecting employee health and safety and minimizing operational and business risk. Organizations can monitor their suspected and confirmed cases to get a near real-time and holistic view of their COVID-19 status at a various level. Authorized users can view details such as an exposed employee’s location, type, working status, symptoms, testing and travel information, actions taken, and more. Intuitive real-time reporting enables quick identification of trends and patterns in exposure and diagnosis data to develop an accurate risk picture to support decisive action.


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Westex® Product Selector App

Category: Software - Safety Training

Our new app streamlines the product selection process and provides a way to custom build a FR/AR uniform based on a workforce’s individual safety standard requirements. We know this can be an overwhelming and complicated task and wanted to be a part of the solution.

Milliken & Company

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Kenzen Worker Heat monitoring System

Category: Data Collection & Analysis - Predictive analytics

The Kenzen heat monitoring system is a SaaS system that includes a wearable device worn by workers that alerts both the worker and their supervisor when the worker’s core body temperature is too high. Real-time alerts allow for immediate intervention to prevent heat injuries and fatalities. The Kenzen wearable sensor monitors multiple physiological and environmental metrics, including heart rate, exertion levels, and microclimate. Together, this data allows for prediction of heat stress, providing alerts to workers and supervisors when temperatures approach unsafe levels and informing EHS leaders’ decisions to enhance heat safety across the enterprise.


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