3M and Examinetics are excited to announce that Examinetics is now a 3M Preferred Fit Test Service Provider in the U.S. 3M and Examinetics are working together to emphasize the importance of respirator fit and to help increase the availability of high-quality fit testing for 3M’s occupational respirator customers. Examinetics is a leading provider of onsite occupational health solutions for medical screening and surveillance. 3M is a leading manufacturer of respiratory protection products, such as N95 respirators and other disposable and reusable respirators.

3M provides Examinetics’ fit test professionals with additional training, knowledge checks, and practical assessments, complementing Examinetics’ training program. After completing the 3M training, Examinetics’ fit test professionals earn the designation of 3M Preferred Fit Testers. Together, 3M and Examinetics are helping U.S. employers and workers improve workplace safety, by helping to ensure that respirators are worn correctly and that respirator fit testing is performed correctly

“The collaboration between 3M and Examinetics makes the most of the synergy between our companies, providing more solutions to a broader base of respirator users,” said Dr. Nikki McCullough, Global Vice President of Application Engineering and Regulatory Affairs for the Personal Safety Division at 3M. “Their experience and long-term commitment to safety and health made them the right choice. Our customers now have an additional solution for ensuring their fit-testing requirements are in compliance with OSHA regulations, which is a critical element to helping protect workers’ respiratory health while on the job.”

“We are honored to be chosen as the first 3M Preferred Fit Test Service Provider in the United States,” added Gary Gluzberg, Chief Commercial Officer at Examinetics. “We appreciate the faith that 3M has placed in us to perform fit testing for their customers to the highest standards and look forward to developing a deep partnership.”