GPS Insight announced it was named a 2022 Sustainability Leadership Award winner by Business Intelligence Group in the 2022 Sustainability Awards program. Companies such as GPS Insight that were bestowed with the Sustainability Leadership Award are those that have made sustainability a central aspect of their operations and goals.

Sustainability efforts are important for companies that are interested in minimizing their environmental impact. Fleet and field automation and optimization can help businesses and organizations not only contribute to their companies’ sustainability efforts but also provide a foundation for a substantial reduction in waste. To operate sustainably, fleet and field service organizations must find ways to reduce overall miles driven, curb excessive idling, digitize the workforce to reduce reliance upon consumables, detect areas for improvement, and provide a pathway for increased implementation of EV and alternative fuel fleet vehicles.

“GPS Insight aids fleet and field managers in lowering pollution levels through the adoption of easy-to-implement practices that lessen the use of fossil fuels and increase the efficiency of their fleets,” said Gary Fitzgerald, CEO at GPS Insight. “To better serve the growing number of public and private fleets planning to adopt EV technology in the coming years, we have recently started working with strategic partners to integrate electric car and fleet vehicle performance into our fleet management solutions. We are so proud to receive recognition for all we are doing to strengthen sustainability initiatives for our customers, for our employees, and for a greener supply chain.”

Business Intelligence Group Sustainability Leadership Award nominations were submitted by for-profit and non-profit organizations of varying sizes to recognize teams, bring attention to the organization and its initiatives, and highlight the outstanding achievements of its leaders in their pursuit to minimize the negative effects of their operations on the environment.

“We are proud to reward and recognize GPS Insight for their sustainability efforts,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group. “It was clear to our judges that their vision and strategy will continue to deliver results toward a cleaner, more sustainable world. Congratulations!”

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