Emergency Communications Network (ECN), North America’s largest provider of critical and mass notification systems, is proud to announce it is a recipient of the prestigious 2016 CIO 100 Awards. The 29th annual award program recognizes organizations around the world that exemplify the highest level of operational and strategic excellence in information technology (IT).

ECN provides market-leading communications technology to state and local governments and commercial businesses. It was recognized for its CodeRED Mobile alert app, which is the industry’s first location-based app for geo-targeted emergency notifications, earning the title as the nation’s most downloaded public safety app. Also recognized was the ECN Launcher app, which serves as a mobile platform for first responders, state and local officials, public safety officers, and business continuity professionals to broadcast alerts to anyone, anywhere, at any time using any mobile device with an internet connection. These apps are changing the way mass notification and emergency alerting is evolving in the digital space.

“We are extremely pleased to be recognized by CIO as a recipient of the 2016 CIO Award,” said David DiGiacomo, CEO and President of ECN. “Our focus is developing the most innovative and intuitive services for our partners so they can deliver time-sensitive, critical alerts to inform, alert, and affect lives. We believe our technologically-advanced applications pave the way for future alerting, transforming the critical communication industry by catering to an increasingly mobile environment.”

ECN’s signature solution, CodeRED, is designed to provide an integrated and reliable platform for local government officials to communicate time-sensitive information to residents and employees via voice, email, text, mobile push notifications and social media. The system is capable of reaching millions of individuals simultaneously, providing them critical information they need in order to remain safe and informed. The company recognized the need for a similar solution for commercial businesses and established its business solution, SmartNotice, to accommodate the growing need of communication across enterprises. SmartNotice relies on the same proven infrastructure to drive internal employee, staff, and stakeholder communication through one multimodal platform.

“Delivering innovation and business value are top priorities for CIOs everywhere, and our CIO 100 awards program celebrates the leading IT organizations that excel at both,” said Maryfran Johnson, Editor in Chief of CIO Events. “Our 2016 winners are raising the bar even higher this year with their outstanding work in digital transformation, customer focus and IT-business collaboration.”

Executives from the winning companies will be recognized at The CIO 100 Symposium & Awards Ceremony, to be held Tuesday, August 16th, at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

About Emergency Communications Network

Headquartered in Ormond Beach, Florida, Emergency Communications Network (ECN) is an industry-leading provider of SaaS-based critical communication and emergency notification systems across North America and Canada, managing nine customized statewide notification solutions – the most in the industry. Whether in the event of mission-critical business events, emergencies, or routine operational announcements, ECN provides the market with two core solutions: CodeRED is designed for state and local government entities to deliver emergency and general messages to residents in specific geographic areas, and SmartNotice focuses on employee and stakeholder notifications, serving as an essential tool for business continuity and disaster recovery. ECN’s technology solutions are used each day to effectively alert, inform, and save lives – when seconds count. To learn more, visit ecnetwork.com.