Safety professionals work tirelessly to ensure that nothing unexpected happens on the job – no injuries, no delays. Zero incidents. On Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day, Red Wing Shoe Company, which has outfitted workers with safety gear for 118 years, kicks off a new program to honor these everyday heroes, providing a platform for trades workers to say "Thanks for Nothing" and highlighting the work of the safety professional on the jobsite.

As safety practices improve nationwide, major companies are raising the bar for safety and lowering the number of acceptable incidents to zero. Workers know that when they’re kept safe, it means no missed shifts, no lost wages, and no impact on their families. In reality, “nothing” means everything. 

“The work of safety professionals happens at the heart of every important industry we rely on each day, from manufacturing to construction to energy – without their expertise, none of this work that moves the world could progress,” said Dave Schneider, chief marketing officer at Red Wing Shoe Company. “And yet their critical work isn’t always recognized for its impact. Our mission with this initiative is to champion the safety heroes who protect trades workers in their daily pursuit of zero incidents on the job by saying just that: ‘Thanks for nothing; it's everything.’” 

The work of safety professionals has led to significant declines in incidents and injuries as safety practices improve, including:

  • Incidents have declined 75% during the last four decades
    • Source: OSHA, from 10.9 incidents in 1972 to 2.7 (per 100 workers) in 2021
  • Manufacturing fatalities dropped 28% from 2003 to 2017
    • Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

As part of the initiative, Red Wing Shoe Company is inviting all workers to share the stories of safety professionals who have made a difference in their safety – whether it’s a safety professional they work with on the job currently or one who made an impact on them in the past. Workers can submit their stories by posting their videos on social media using the hashtag #RedWingSafetyHeroes. 

For more information on the initiative, visit here