Intelex, a global provider of cloud-based environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) management software, has released a research report examining the priorities and concerns of EHS (environmental, health and safety) professionals.

The study found that significant work needs to be done to improve incident prevention, with 90% of respondents reporting their organizations have experienced H&S incidents in the last 12 months and 85% reporting repeat injuries on job sites.

There are serious challenges in the form of data and technology requirements, with professionals feeling overwhelmed and ill-equipped to manage huge amounts of data. According to the research, 42% state data reporting is their most significant challenge while only 7% have fully integrated systems in place.

The report suggests that many organizations struggle to implement the most effective tools to collect and manage their EHS data, with 44% stating they have poor integration between different technology solutions and 32% saying they lack the correct technology to collect and analyze the data they need in the first place.  

Despite these challenges, the research revealed a number of positives, with one in particular showing that professionals have a lot of motivation to make necessary improvements to the way they are currently working. Figures suggest that 37% see incident prevention as a key priority while 75% want to see significant improvement in incident prevention rates. 

Commenting on the report, Intelex’s Trevor Bronson, Director, Portfolio Strategy said: 

“The research has shown that most organizations have ambitious plans for managing their increasingly complex EHS obligations. At the same time, those obligations come with serious challenges in the form of data and technology requirements. 

“As EHS becomes more data intensive, organizations that use disparate technology systems, spreadsheets or even paper are being left behind by their competitors. Moreover, the instances of repeat EHS incidents tells us that there are human consequences far more profound than reputational and operational problems.

“Additionally, organizations with integrated systems must leverage employees – not software – to aggregate and analyse data. This approach is costly, time consuming, and takes EHS professionals away from the front lines where they do their best work.

“Intelex provides the technology and expertise organizations need to meet the challenges identified in our report and adapt to a dynamic and demanding future. With Intelex, organizations can collect and manage the data they need to prevent incidents, create standard reports, maintain compliance, and embrace sustainable business practices. Intelex can help every organization ensure they are supporting their relevant internal and external stakeholders while also providing business value and delivering on financial goals.” 

Read the full Intelex report “Complex Data. Increasing Regulations. Cutting-Edge Solutions” detailing how technology is protecting workers: