Saddled with responsibility for compliance overseas? Bewildered by foreign regulations and health and safety priorities outside the U.S.? For professionals searching for international health, safety or environmental data, here are sources that translate standards, provide foreign documents, and offer help to transnational EHS managers.

European Union

European Document Research is a document retrieval service specializing in European environment, health and safety laws, and a publisher of newsletters updating subscribers on changes in EU laws and standards. 1725 K Street, NW. Suite 510, Washington, DC 20006. Phone: (202) 785-8594. Fax: (202) 785-8589.

UNIPUB is the U.S.-based distributor of the daily Official Journal of the European Union that lists any published EU standard, directive, or legislation-the EU's version of the Federal Register. Annual subscription rates are $795 by surface mail; $1,145 by air; and $560 on microfiche. Phone: (800) 274-4888. Fax: (301) 459-0056.

Operating in Europe-The Environmental Implications is a 170-page guidebook summarizing environmental law and implications in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The book includes a list of key European Union and national laws and regulatory authorities. Cost is $200 from ERM, Inc. 855 Springdale Drive, Exton, PA 19341. Phone: (610) 524-3790.

European Environmental Trends in the 1990s, and An Eye on Disclosure: The EC's Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, and An Overview of European Union Safety and Health Requirements, which provides a cross-referenced comparison between OSHA regulatory requirements and EU legislative requirements in 33 topic areas, are free publications of Arthur D. Little, Inc. To order, write on company letterhead to Lisa Malone, A.D. Little, 20 Acorn Park, Cambridge, MA 02140.

Eastern Europe

The Central and Eastern Europe Business Information Center is a clearinghouse of free information on laws, regulations, and U.S. companies operating in Eastern Europe, including limited overviews of safety laws, regulations, or business practices. The Central and Eastern Europe Business Information Center, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Room 7414, Washington, DC. 20230. Phone (202) 482-2645, or (202) 482-5745.

Investors' Environmental Guidelines compares regulations and developments, country by country, in environmental liability, environmental audits and assessments, land use planning, permitting, and air, water, noise and waste management in Bulgaria, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania designed for prospective investors in the area. Cost is $135. Contact Greg Lloyd, ERM, 855 Springdale Drive, Exton, PA 19341. Phone: (610) 524-3790.

Far East

Pollution Control in the People's Republic of China: Regulations and Reality is a new guide for analyzing and interpreting pollution control regulations in China. Contact Greg Lloyd, Environmental Resources Management, Inc. 855 Springdale Drive, Exton, PA 19341. Phone: (610) 524-3790.

Environmental Trends in the Pacific Basin, and Monitoring Environmental Change in the Pacific Basin are free publications of Arthur D. Little, Inc. The consulting firm also offers reprints of an article from EI Digest, Environmental Market Indicators for Asia's Diverse Opportunities, by R. Gupta. Contact Terri Walker, A.D. Little, 20 Acorn Park, Cambridge, MA 02140. Phone: (617) 498-6119.


The International Labor Office's CISDOC database contains worldwide occupational safety and health resources, legislation, and standards on CD-ROM or on-line with periodic updates; the ILOLEX database of international labor standards is also available on CD for $300; and a four volume occupational health and safety encyclopedia CD will be available next year. Phone: (202) 653-7652. Fax: (202) 653-7687.

World Environment Center contributes to sustainable development worldwide by strengthening industrial and urban environmental, health and safety policy and practices. The non-profit serves as a "bridge for the exchange of information and expertise among industry, government and non-governmental organizations." WEC, 419 Park Ave. South, Suite 1800, NY, NY 10016. Phone: (212) 683-4700.

The International Center for Occupational Medicine trains occupational physicians from newly industrialized countries, and provides in-country training in occupational and environmental medicine. Contact Director Joe LaDou, Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine of the University of California at San Francisco, 350 Parnassus Avenue, Suite 609, San Francisco, CA 94143-0924. Phone: (415) 476-4951.

The U.S. Department of Commerce country desk officers will search the Single Internal Market Information Service (SIMIS) database for information on occupational safety and health, foreign regulatory agencies and product safety information. Phone: (202) 482-2000.

Environmental Issues and International Business: Strategies for the Future, an article by R. Earle and R. Gupta, reprinted from Corporate Environmental Strategy and Where to Go and What to Know (an article on worldwide opportunities for environmental business) by T. Rothermel and D. Shooter, reprinted from Tomorrow, are offered free by Arthur D. Little. Contact Terri Walker, A.D. Little, 20 Acorn Park, Cambridge, MA 02140. Phone: (617) 498-6119.