Accurate, Up-to-date HazMat Classification Data at Your Fingertips!

Is your company looking to increase compliance efficiencies while reducing the potential for DOT fines when shipping HazMat? Do all your locations need access to the same, up-to-date classification information? Then 3E’s Transportation Classification solution is a must-have!

3E will classify your inventory for determination of packaging and requirements in accordance with 49 CFR HMR, IATA, Canadian TDG and IMDG Code requirements. The data is then either fed directly into your corporate enterprise system via our NEW 3E OnData™ platform, or can be made available through 3E Online® — providing a centralized repository for your entire enterprise!

Click here to learn more about 3E Transportation Classification or call 1.800.346.6737 for more information.

People-Based Safetyâ„¢

Discover the next evolution in safety with People-Based Safetyâ„¢, a five-part training system that reshapes employee behaviors and attitudes.

People-Based Safety™ goes beyond Behavior Based Safety by integrating the latest behavioral research findings with a person-focused approach. The system teaches four critical skills – Acting, Coaching, Thinking and Seeing. When employees master all of the skills, they become responsible for their own safety and the safety of their coworkers.

Developed by Coastal Training Technologies and Dr. E. Scott Geller, People-Based Safety™ is an innovative system that promotes safety and enhances your bottom line by reducing the costs associated with on-the-job injuries. This training system includes five workbooks, video programs or DVDs, and a comprehensive leader’s guide.

For information on Dr. Geller’s new book on People-Based Safety™, as well as the five video/CD programs, accompanied by workbooks and leader guides, visit; email:; (888) 201-8740